One of the biggest sail-lofts in Europe

Jun 15, 2020

On june the 2nd, the Incidence Team from La Rochelle was joining the new sail-loft (2500 m2) in Périgny…  « We are leaving one of the historical sites of the company, a new page is turned over, it is up to us to give this new place a soul !" smiles Matthias de Christen, CEO at Incidence Group. « This new production unit opening in a 3500 m2 building, is one of the largest in Europe ».


Fluidity and ergonomics were the keystones of the specifications for this new sail-loft equipped with machines rotating 360 ° to facilitate the assembling of large sails. There is no infrastructure to hinder movement, there are transfer rails to facilitate the relocation of the equipment and the floor is also entirely modular: the machines can be moved according to the size of the sails to be assembled…


Matthias de Christen, « A new page is turned over, we are leaving one of the historical sites of the company, it is up to us to give this new place a soul ! ».

It provides agility and fluidity, by improving working conditions. We had to anticipate our organization to avoid interrupting production during the move. The team has been hard at work and I would like to thank them for their efforts ».


Stéphane Mongondry, sail-loft coordinator : « We have gained in space, ergonomics, and flexibility. Rotating pits are also a huge asset: turning the machine to shift or to facilitate assembly has already become a habit. It’s a real gain in fluidity.

Regarding the overall layout of the floor, we are giving ourselves a few more weeks to test it in different production contexts before we can start optimizing. However, if we need to accommodate a very large sail, we can change the location of the pits in just one hour: that is really a great benefit!


Each production area (flat sails, spinnakers, bags, cutting, preparation…) has had the time to give his feedback. After 2 weeks, there are still some improvements that are needed, especially in the pits because they are very different from one another. We are still working on details and customization…

We are still in a phase of optimization, but it is undeniably a beautiful new space.