Exactly what I was looking for!

Jun 15, 2020

Stéphane Le Diraison, preparing for the next Vendée Globe, has chosen Incidence to equip his IMOCA Time for Oceans: "The technology, structure and service at Incidence were exactly what I was looking for! "


« I am a competitor. When I decided- just after the Vendée Globe in 2016- to get back in the race, I wanted to push my limits, in order to progress. I therefore decided to surround myself with experts and performers who would allow me to go further. As for the sails, which are the engine of the boat, the choice of Incidence was part of this logic ».


Sustainability, a decisive factor

« I was particularly seduced by the DFi® technology: it provides a very good shape-holding, weight gain and sustainability, which is a decisive factor in the Time for Oceans program.

I'm working on setting up an eco-designed boat, which must be as sustainable as possible. The materials offered by Incidence are part of this dynamic: with DFi® sails we know we will be able to sail a lot of miles.

Sourcing eco-designed materials is global approach. Regarding the sails, we are at the very beginning of the process, a lot of things still need to be set up ».


There is interest and enthusiasm

"Communication with the Incidence Team is excellent: there is interest and enthusiasm. I needed to breathe new life, have a new perspective. They gave me exactly what I needed.

There is a very effective and complementary trio between the commercial part with César Dohy, the Design Office with Ronan Floch, and the friendly supervision of Maxime Paul who gave his opinion on many details. Last but not least, I was able to rely on a customer-centered service with Julien Gresset, site manager in Lorient.

I was also extremely impressed when visiting Incidence Technologies.

In short, the technology and service offered by were exactly what I was looking for! "


The story and the history

« There is the history of Incidence, that has accompanied sailors like Michel Desjoyeaux…

My boat was fully equipped with Incidence sails when I bought it (« Time for Oceans » is the ex-« Energa » that belonged to the polish skipper Gutek, Zbigniew Gutkowski who himself bought it from Alex Thomson : « Time for Oceans » being the 2nd « Hugo Boss ».


First tests this summer !

"The more it goes, the more I am happy with my choice!"

The launch is scheduled beginning of July, the boat will be in the Vendée Globe configuration. This summer’s refit will be very short to allow maximum training time. The first trials are scheduled for this summer. I’ll be sailing the first sessions with my old sails in order to focus on testing of the new foils. "



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