Exceptional work for an exceptional yacht

Oct 10, 2017

The port of Moulin Blanc, in Brest, was still shrouded in darkness very early this morning, when the Incidence worshop floor lit up: the skilled hands of the sailmakers were working to carry out the alignment of the edging for the luff on the Ponant’s asymmetrical spinnaker... that is 25 m of luff tape!

For its 30th anniversary, the cruise yacht is treating itself to a new 990 square metre spinnaker. 88 metres long, 3 masts, 32 cabins, 4 decks, the luxurious Ponant has been equipped with Incidence sails for the past ten years.

After the 25 metres of luff tape, the Incidence team will tackle the 49 metres of luff on the asymmetrical spinnaker! Again, this exceptional work, which takes up the entire surface of the main floor of the sailmaker loft, will be carried out at night so as not to disrupt the normal production schedule at Incidence.