More R&D and production at Incidence Technogies

Jun 15, 2020

The modernization of the production tool in the sail loft is part of a global investment policy from which Incidence Technologies (dedicated to R&D and the production of DFi® and D4 membranes) has benefited.


2019 has been a record year for the DFi® with almost 15 000 m2 of products. These numbers show and confirm the market’s interest for Incidence membranes and led to modernize the production tool at Incidence Technologies.


Matthias de Christen, « The production of the pre-impregnated UD tapes was internalized last February and a second line of production was created.

Meanwhile, Incidence Technologies’ Design office is pursuing its work to optimize the DFi® with promising results and significant progress in the upcoming months. The main objective being to produce ever more performant materials in terms of shape holding and sustainability.


« These major investments allow Incidence to see further in the future, beyond the deep economic crisis that the yachting industry will soon be facing, a fortiori, the sail-making market. We will have to face it ».


 photo Bernard Le Bars