Modern on the inside, Classic on the outside

Classic Yachts are boats like no other. Their magic lies in the enchanting stories and victories that mark their wake.

The Incidence team understands this sense of history and wonder, and has the training, experience and know-how of last century’s master sailmakers, to be able to satisfy the needs of every Classic Yacht owner.This mastery of the arts, combined with the most efficient design software and the high-level competition experience of their designers, allows the Incidence sailmakers to conceive sails which have a modern cut but are subtly classic and made from appropriate materials.


Gilles Martin Raget®
Targeting performance

Incidence is a sail loft for both inshore and offshore racers. Optimising performance - including for Classic Yachts - has always been its driving motivation. Its skill in the design of traditional sails comes from 30 years of experience in competition at the highest level.

Every sail is tailored to the requirements imposed by the measurement rules for Classic Yachts. Moreover, Incidence uses specific types of Dacron, the cut and colour of which meet the performance and aesthetic requirements of these fleets.

Sail after sail, the designs are studied and optimised according to the boat programme and the expectations of its owner: bespoke design is required for performance and durability.

The classic touch

From the beginning, Incidence has been designing high-performance sails for all types of boats, but its expertise goes much further than that. In the 1980s, when they decided to make classic sails, the Incidence teams dedicated themselves to long periods of training in the art of the master sailmakers of the last century, with great success.


Gilles Martin Raget®

By hand, stitch-by-stitch, they have learned to reproduce, identically, everything that gives the beautiful sails of bygone days their distinction, charm and quality of finish. Meticulous attention is paid to every detail; from the choice of leather for the reinforcements, to the contour of the seams.

In all, the crafting and the finishing of a classic sail can take up to 300-400 hours of work and 200-300kg of fabrics, which are handled, marked, cut, stitched and checked with care and love.

Most significant victories

  • Moonbeam IV: winner of the Trophée Panerai 2015 (3rd victory of this Trophy)
  • Lelantina: winner of the Trophée Bailli de Suffren 2015 (3rd victory on this Trophy)
Gilles Martin Raget
All hands on deck

Because a sailor never stays ashore, the designers at Incidence sails are regularly at sea. When you need them they will be by your side, looking how to make things ever better.


Gilles Martin Raget®

Because each sail is unique and needs to be discovered and tamed, the Incidence team is at the disposal of its clients for all major classic events. During testing before races, or in competitions alongside crews, the conversations are always plentiful and productive.

"Each detail is the subject of a thousand attentions"
Incidence: a track record that is always improving

Incidence is No.1 in France and in the top 5 worldwide. Founded in the 1980s, Incidence made its mark during the Orma years, in Jules Verne Trophies and the Vendée Globe.


Benoit Stichelbault®

From the outset, Incidence Sails have been outfitting the cruising multihulls of the major French boatyards. They are the trusted sailmakers of the majority of Figaro sailors. Many boat owners and Super Yacht owners rely on the expertise of Incidence teams for their ability to produce sets of sails that guarantee both performance and durability.

The Incidence teams have just developed the DFi®, a particularly robust, stable and lightweight filamentary membrane. Overall, the quality of sails and service provided by Incidence are recognised around the world, and its master sailmakers, like its young designer-engineers make every effort, every day, to honour this recognition.