The materials for Downwind sails

Materials, non-exhaustive list. Ask our experts for advice.


Woven – Downwind Spinnakers and Gennakers

The choice of fibres, the quality of the weaving and finish of the Maxilite gives lightness, stability and resistance to tear and to rupture pressure.

The Maxilite is impregnated with a long-lasting finish.


Woven – Spinnakers

The stability and lightness of the Superlite and Superkote cloths makes it possible for the Spinnakers to obtain a good ratio resistance/weight.

The Superkote polyurethane coating ensures a great stability, a minimum weight, 0% porosity and a high waterproofing.


Woven – Gennakers and reaching leg sails

The Stormlite is used in the conception of Genakers for cruising or racing sails, resistant and easy to handle.The combination of a Polyester and a melanine (resin) impregnated fibre gives to the Stormlite a better shapehold than Nylon cloth normally used for Spinnakers.

Resistance to Polyester fibre stretching gives it a good shape hold in every wind circumstances. This cloth bears also a better lifespan than Nylon as it offers a better resistance to UV exposure. These features makes it particularly suitable for very large spinnakers.


Laminated film – Film – From Code 0 to flat Gennakers

The PXB Polyester range benefits from a black coating on the fibres. This allows a better resistance to UV exposure and an efficient weight/stretchiness ratio during radial construction.

The X-PLY® structure of Dimension-Polyant participates as a support related to secondary off-axis efforts in order to stabilize securely the material.


Laminated film – Taffetas – Gennakers and reaching sails

Developed to offer a specific Gennaker material to go upwind until 55° in very light wind or on reaching legs, in medium wind or breeze, this material, initially recommended by offshore racers seduces more and more leisure sailing sailors.

A Code Zero is flatter than a gennaker so it is often used like a light Genoa sail. The strength/weight ratio is unrivaled.