Materials for flat sails


– Film membrane

Membrane – Flat sails – From 25’ to 100’

This membrane is constituted of fibres threads sandwiched between two layers of polyester(transparent films). The fibres (Polyester, Dyneema, Aramid, Vectran, Carbon…), their quantity and orientation are defined according to your boat and your sailing program.

The transparent film may be reinforced with taffetas for greater durability, although heavier


– Filamentary membrane

Membrane – Flat sails and downwind sails – From 25’ with no limits.

Incidence’s filamentary membrane is constituted of prepreg filaments strips called tapes. These tapes cover the entire surface of the material. Therefore, there is no need to add any film or taffetas, which offers a weight gain and better shape holding.

The tapes (Aramid, Dyneema, FIT®…), their association, quantity, orientation are developed to meet the mechanical solicitations of the sails during navigation and also to fit your sailing program.