Flat sails materials


– D1 Dacron Range

Woven – Crosscut – All types of boats

This standard 100% Polyester woven fabric is a classic. It is the basic material for sails made for small one-design boats to large cruise yachts: From Optimists to passenger sailing ships!

Incidence uses the Strong FillDacron (SF)as its technical featuresmakes it one of the best fabric on themarket, its major asset being durability.

Dimension Polyanthas indeed created a range withexclusive specifications for Incidence,that enables themto create stable andlong-lastingsails.


– D2 Range

Laminated – Triradial – From 26’ to 50’

This laminated Cruise range has been conceived with the aim of minimizing stretching, getting a better durability and good handling capacity.

Two layers of Taffetas Polyester are glued on different parts of a film supported by a grid which brings excellent performances and offers a reassuring resistance to tear. External taffetas covering the film and the grid are finished with a coating UVM® for an optimal resistance to UV Raysand a reduction of mildew development risk.

Pro Radial

– D2 Range

Woven – Triradial – From 30 to 56 feet

The Pro Radial range meets the increasing requests for radial sails in woven Polyester.

The Pro-Radial has no shrinkage characteristics which is a real revolution in sails cloth and makes this woven cloth similar to a laminated Polyester one, in terms of stretching and weight, while keeping its durability, inherent to woven technology.

The Pro Radial is treated by technology UVi® for a high stability in front of UV exposure. It is available in 5 ranges from 30’ to 56’ boats.

Hydra Net® radial

– D3 Range

Woven – Triradial – From 30’ to 65’

The structural qualities of Hydra Net Radial® enables the replacement of laminated cloth. It associates high quality Polyester fibres to very resistant Ultra-PE fibres from the Dyneema-Spectrafamily.

Its one-of-a-kind weaving gives an exceptional hold, far more superior to 100% polyester materials whatever their technology.

The radial cut ensures a good hold in every type of wind condition and on the long term.This cloth presents a good weight/resistance ratio.


– D3 Range

Laminated – Triradial – From 50’to 140‘

This laminate is ideal for big cruises and its shape holding properties contributes to better performance.The DYS® Offshore technology offers a high-performance material with high resistance to tear, minimal stretching, an unequal good weight/resistance ratio and easy handling.The internal structure of the DYS® is made of a very strong grid, Ultra-PE taken in between 2 films, laminated on « ripstop » taffetas.

The DYS is user-friendly and the maintenance is easy.It complies perfectly with specific constraints related to offshore racing and is ideally suited for large sails.