L'équipe Incidence Roussillon

A warm welcome, Incidence Roussillon!

Épure, sailmaker and saddlery based in the city of Canet located in the Roussilon region has joined the network of Incidence sail lofts and becomes Incidence Roussillon! The teams from both companies already knew each other and were naturally brought together to collaborate in this new entity. This sail loft in the mediterranean is close…

Incidence Sails Classic

Incidence Sails Classic

At the request of the shipowners, a logo was designed -with the greatest respect for the spirit of the last century- that will perfectly match the aesthetics and authenticity of the legendary classic yachts. This logo will now be used for all Incidence classic sails.

Major evolution of the DFi®

The DFi®, Incidence filamentary membrane has gained in durability, shape-holding and flexibility. In 2020, Incidence Technologies acquired a new impregnated production line and produces its own tapes which are bands of prepreg filaments (Aramid, Dyneema or FIT®️) that make the DFi®. The full control of the manufacturing process of the membranes has allowed Incidence Technologies…